Making a decision is no easy matter when you are faced with such a selection. A choice of very different “Stuben” restaurants, a rustic cellar, a stylish hotel bar – all have their own unique attractions.


A 5 course menu near the fireplace? A traditions Swiss dish? Or you prefer a fondue, of which Switzerland offers a wide choice? A digestive at the hotel bar? No matter for what you decide. We know what to do. Come in, choose individually and enjoy. We accompany you throughout the evening which cannot be more varied.

The “Föhrenstube” is our à la carte restaurant – the meeting place for an elegant dining experience in stylish, peaceful surroundings. Don’t forget to look up at the beautiful wooden ceiling!

The “Derbystube” has a relaxed ambiance where you can enjoy a delicious 5-course meal after an active day.

And the “Gaststube”? This is what we call our “multiculti place for everybody” – where the local people come to indulge in Swiss traditional fare and are joined by visitors from all over the world. Traditional hearty Swiss dishes are served – an experience for all to enjoy!

Our “Cava”: Here you will find the traditional gastronomic experience par excellence. Fondues of all kinds, a unique atmosphere – native rustic charm, complemented by the attentive service of our knowledgeable staff who will be happy to advise you.

What else? A digestive at the bar before going to bed – there is still a lot to discover!